I challenge big, contemporary issues that ultimately go back to self worth in our digital age. My talks and workshops provide value to schools, organizations, and companies that wish to create cultures of humility and honesty.

Brandery Demo Day // Photo by Zackariah Cole // http://zackariahcole.com

Everyday Honesty

What’s your big lie?

One of the greatest challenges facing youth and young professionals everywhere is a mounting pressure to “have it all figured out.” Creating a mindset based on perfectionism undermines genuine self worth, drives depression and anxiety, and leads to the projection of an image we believe the world wants to see. Because, after all, it’s safer to bullshit everyone than lean into our vulnerabilities. In this interactive, provocative keynote, I ask the audience, “What’s your big lie?” A big lie is what we display to the world that defines who we are as if it were true, but is completely false. I invite the audience to share their responses via text message that are then anonymously projected. Both provocative and uplifting, my principle goal is to have the audience walking away thinking: “I thought I was the only one, but it turns out I’m not.” #MYBIGLIE

Everyday Worth

You are not what you post

In our social media lifestyle, we define our sense of worth by what we post. We have the freedom to portray ourselves however we wish, thriving on the validation we receive. This leads to a great deal of confusion about who we are and how we understand our value as people. In this interactive keynote, I ask the audience to dig deeply into their own social media habits and identify the fallacies they project. In turn, I ask the audience to share examples of posts that were disingenuous to themselves. My principle goal is to have the audience walk away thinking, “I am tired of portraying myself as something that I’m not – because I am worth more as I am.” #NOTWHATIPOST

Everyday Belonging

You are not an imposter

“Fake it until you make it,” a popular mantra of our generation, is proven to cause significant psychological harm. And we only have ourselves to blame. We have built organizations and workplace cultures that encourage self inflation, or more simply, faking it. In this keynote, I will uncover the path to limiting imposter syndrome by developing cultures that enforce sense of worth and organic validation.

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